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Pallet Media are proud to be a part of bringing the dream of friend and photographer James Knox to life: Flint Magazine, a new online mag featuring contributors from around the globe telling their stories and writing on a wide range of subjects.

There is a focus on honesty and sentiment, and in some cases, photos are enough to get the message across. We encourage writers to take a stance and not be afraid to get involved in their own article.

Every couple of months or so, Flint Magazine will feature content based on different “themes” given to writers, challenging them to engage with a topic that may be outside their normal scope of thought. The first theme is “Home Away From Home”, and you will find a lot of articles based around the idea of home already online.


We helped James (Editor-in-Chief) get the mag off the ground, offered creative direction and built the website with a focus on simplicity and collaboration.

As Flint Magazine evolves, we will grow our contributor base and also feature more local content. This initial soft launch period is the perfect chance for us to collect feedback from readers and discover what works and what doesn’t - so please, don’t be shy in letting us know if you have any constructive advice or suggestions!

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